Baggage Policies

1. New Luggage Regulations: Every pasanger is allowed to take a maximum of 2 medium suitecases weighing no more than 80 pounds between the two. If the passanger takes more than 2 medium suitecases or more than 80 pounds it will be considered excess luggage. For every extra pound there will be a charge of 1 US Dollar. Excess luggage should be carried in a medium suitecase.

2. United States Federal Law prohibits the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs inside the bus. The drivers are authorized to call highway patrol and eject violators from the bus at any time. El Expreso is not responsible for any expense regarding any incident, should one occur. 

3. El Expreso is not responsible for any carry-on luggage inside the bus. We are only responsible for luggage that has been checked in by our employees. If that luggage is lost or stolen you will be reimbursed $75 per bag. 

4. There will be no cash refunds once you have purchased your ticket. However, the tickets are valid for 60 days after the date of purchase.  

5. When you buy your round trip ticket, please confirm your departure, one day ahead of time.  

6. When traveling, passengers must be clean, fully dressed and wear shoes. They may not offend other passengers with any unpleasant body odor.  

7. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the terminal or inside the bus. 

8. Departure/arrival times: El Expreso Bus Company will make every effort to keep all schedules on time. However, El Expreso Bus Company acknowledges that schedule times are estimated and does not guarantee exact departure and arrival times. These times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. For example, weather, traffic, mechanical difficulties, etc. 

9. INSEN / Senior Citizen Program: Senior passengers are responsible for requesting the INSEN discount. Only passengers 65 years old or older are eligible for this discount, no exceptions will be made. The traveler receiving the discount must be present at the time of purchase. In addition, a photo ID is required to verify age. Passengers with senior citizen/INSEN discounted tickets must show their ID to the driver when requested.

10. Prohibited Articles:

• Acids
• Flammable or Corrosive Liquids
• Fireworks
• Poisons
• Flammable Materials
• Batteries with liquid acid
• Explosives
• Radioactive Materials
• Compressed Gases in cylinders
• Gas/Fuel Tanks (empty) 

NOTICE - Each passenger is allowed to bring luggage up to 80 lbs. Any extra package or weight will be subject to an excess luggage fee of $1 per pound. The excess fee will be valid only in the United States. This fee does not cover buses going inside Mexico, even if your ticket takes you inside the country of Mexico.

Unaccompanied Children

For the safety of the children, any child of age 16 and under may not travel alone and will have to be accompanied by an adult of age 17 and older. A young adult of age 17 and over may travel alone to any state. The company is not held responsible for any child of age 16 and under who is taken into custody by a government official. Any child that was unable to complete their trip due to being held by a government official will not be reimbursed. True information shall be provided when purchasing a ticket. Tickets to and from the state of Illinois are only sold to adults of age 18 and older. Tickets for unaccompanied children are not sold online.

Children Discount Fare

Children ages 3 through 9 may travel at a child's reduced rate when traveling with a full fare adult passenger (age 10 or older). One child who has not reached their second birthday will be transported free when matched to one adult ticket (age 10 or older) and not occupying a seat to the exclusion of another passenger.